Those that engage in professional fishing know that the sport is fascinating, challenging, and extremely rewarding. However, the culture of fishing sometimes doesn’t get the respect it deserves. A few commonly believed myths still surround the sport, persisting despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

Here are common myths about fishing that need to officially be put to bed.

Fishing Is Boring

Ask a person unfamiliar with fishing what the sport involves and they may give the standard answer; sitting, drinking, and waiting for elusive fish. Popular media, mostly movies, have given fishing this reputation over decades. The generic image is of an old man sitting in a boat, perhaps dozing as he waits for fish. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Although there is some waiting, modern fishing is a deeply strategic sport. A deep understanding of fishing gear and fish behaviour is necessary, with some pros putting in decades of research. Fishing is, above all else, a sport of strategy and research. It’s a shame that some myths have stayed so persistent over the years.

Anglers Always Kill Fish

A common gripe that the uninformed have is that anglers always kill the fish they catch. This myth not only ignores the ‘catch and release’ policy, but it also overlooks that in many cases anglers play an important role in keeping ecosystems balanced. Local conservationists often struggle with invasive fish species, many of which are doing immense harm to local flora and fauna. Removing these species is the best that anyone can do.

Noise Scares Away Fish

While it is okay for you to sit on the shore and quietly browse NBA betting odds on your phone, silence isn’t at all necessary. That fish are scared away by talking is another myth perpetuated by movies. Though, the myth is perhaps just an inside joke. It isn’t uncommon for experienced anglers to tell others to not scare the fish with their talking, but perhaps just because the angler wants some peace and quiet.

You can talk as much as you want while fishing; fish aren’t scared away by voices.

Fishing Is Bad For The Environment

While there is harmful mass fishing that is bad for the environment, the average pro angler on a lake isn’t to blame. Professional anglers go to great lengths to avoid harming the bodies of water they fish, and in most cases, anglers are conservationists. In fact, it is often anglers responsible for keeping bodies of water uncontaminated, safe from pollution, and safe to swim in.

Some mass corporate fishing projects are to blame for harming the ocean’s fish population.

Plenty Of Fish

That there are plenty of fish in the sea is a common phrase, but not always based on truth. As in the previous point, some species of fish have seen a decline in their population of up to 90%. Though, this isn’t true for all species of fish, and that fish populations are declining is a topic of its own.

Though, again, this certainly isn’t due to professional anglers.