There are several reasons why you should include fish more into your diet. Besides being healthier than other proteins, fish has a source of other nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids that our bodies don’t produce.

Omega 3s assist in reducing risks of heart diseases and strokes, lowers blood pressures and reduces inflammation. Fish has also been associated with reducing the risks of fatal heart diseases and when prepared well, it can significantly decrease the chances of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Not only is fish delicious, but it’s also low on calories and fat. Learn more about the different types of fish and how you can prepare them.

1. Tuna

Tuna is a fatty and meaty fish that’s a popular option for many fish lovers. It has a mild but luxurious flavour and is also quite versatile in terms of creating fish dishes. Skipjack tuna is a light canned kind and has the leanest and lowest mercury of its kind.

Yellowfin, Bluefin, and White tuna are usually higher in mercury, but they are still safe to eat in moderation. Tuna steaks are best for searing in pans or to grill. Many people also enjoy tuna served raw in sushi and poke bowls.

2. Salmon

Salmon has a rich, buttery, and tender taste, hence why it’s a favourite weekday meal option for a reason. Like tuna, salmon is versatile, has a quick cooking time and is mild in flavour. People who aren’t fond of fish will be able to handle its subtle taste, especially if the salmon is added into a creamy sauce, coated with spices or added into a wholesome salad.

Salmon’s versatility allows it to be paired with crisp salads and lemon pasta. It is also enjoyed in poke bowls, sushi, and sashimi. Wild salmon is typically lower in fat and higher in protein, vitamins and minerals, a preferred option over farmed.

3. Tilapia

Tilapia is mild in flavour and quite flaky. It’s a go-to option for people who are not fish fans due to its minimal flavour. Its natural taste is bland, so it can easily lend its flavour to a variety of ingredients. Tilapia is one of the leanest fish and is also one of the lowest in mercury.

Preparation-wise, tilapia is great for pan-frying, baking or just freezing for later usage. It’s a common fish to be used for fish tacos, ceviche and of course, fish and chips that you can snack on when you play real money slots online in Canada.

4. Cod

Cod is slightly sweet in flavour, and if you’re looking for a low-calorie protein that can be quickly cooked, it is the one. Cod is also high in phosphorus, which is a mineral that boosts bone density. Both Atlantic and Pacific cod can typically be found at local supermarkets.

Pacific cod is extremely delicate in texture and the Atlantic cod is a bit drier, sweeter, and firmer. Cod is best prepared by baking, frying, or broiling. It also makes for an excellent addiction to other meals such as seafood stews and chowders.