Top Tips For Maintaining Boat Safety

There are few better ways of spending a quiet day than out on the open water with friends and family. The serenity of the ocean combined with the huge freedom of movement means that it’s possible to travel out into the true middle of nowhere and have a few good hours of relaxation. But not […]

3 Advantages Of Kayak Fishing

In some parts of the world, fishing from a kayak has been the norm for many, many generations. Today, there’s a growing trend in fishing in the Western world to head out on a kayak with your gear. It’s an affordable option over purchasing your own boat and it offers you a few things that […]

Tops Fishing Spots In The USA

If you’re looking for somewhere new to cast your line, here are some amazing places in the USA that are perfect for fishing. They have an array of fish to catch and are popular because you pretty much always come away with a catch that you can cook for dinner that night. Start planning your […]

Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Fishing Boat

Fishing at the local dam is a good way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, but sometimes there’s nothing better than heading out into the open waters of the ocean to spend a day attempting to catch something truly special. The secret to having a great day on the water is having the right fishing […]

Interesting Facts About Fish & Seafood

A superb seafood experience needn’t be limited to fish and chips. Fish is so much more than a quick and satisfying pub-grub meal – delicious and comforting though a hearty helping of Britain’s national culinary treasure may be. Aside from fish being an excellent source of protein as well as the most effective anti-inflammatory buster […]

Why It’s A Good Idea To Eat Salmon

Salmon is a true delicacy in many parts of the world and it prepared in countless different ways. From salmon meuniere, which is a take on the French classical dish, sole meuniere, to delicately sliced sashimi, there is a delicious way to prepare this fish which suits every palate.

How To Prepare Catfish

Catfish, also known as Barbel in many countries, is one of the most common fish species in the world, and can be found in just about all forms of freshwater, from dams, lakes, to streams and rivers. Its abundance has made catfish a staple for many cultures, and those that know how to prepare it […]

A Fishing Gear Guide For New Fishermen

Fishing is among the world’s most popular pastimes, and it’s difficult to find someone that has never enjoyed the quiet solitude of spending a day out on the dam or lake. For some, fishing is only done once every now and again, while others try to enjoy it as much as they possibly can, often […]

Most Beautiful Charter Boats Ever Built

OKTO If its true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then let the single exception be the absolute nature of the beauty of some of the most incredible and exclusive charter boats ever built. And since sailing has after all on occasion been defined as the art of moving slowly in the […]

Top Tips For First-Time Charter Fishing

For many anglers, chartering a boat and going on a deep-sea fishing trip can be one of the most exciting events in their time spent catching fish. The experience is incredibly different to fishing on a riverbank or from the rocks at beach, and the following top tips can help you make the most of […]