How To Prepare a Boat For a Storm

There are few things quite as scary than facing down a raging storm while in the middle of an ocean, and it’s something that even the most experienced sailors worry about during their time on the water. Modern boats are extremely robust and are usually able to withstand even the worst that nature can throw […]

How To Choose A Boat Broker

Gone are the days of wooden boats and 40 horse power engines and in their place are powerful sailing and motor yachts with sophisticated shapes and styles that are more akin to luxury hotels than stuffy ships. This luxury vessels come at a price, and owning your own boat, is the true measure of success.

The Most Common Kinds Of Lures

For many fishermen out there, there’s nothing quite as efficient as using live bait, whether this comes in the form of worms or insects. Live bait works extremely well for most kinds of fish, simply because it will move around on its own and attract a potential catch without the fisherman having to do much. […]

The Latest Craze In Buying A Boat – Co-ownership

The luxury of owning a fishing boat or cruising vessel to call your own comes at price. It’s not only about buying the boat. That initial investment is then topped by various fees such as hiring skippers, stewardesses and other crew, moorings and maintenance. This ocean-going lifestyle comes at a price, and its one that […]

Unforgettable Fishing In Africa

When you think about seeing wildlife in Africa, you generally think about game drives and seeing the Big Five. The continent also offers some exceptional fishing opportunities, with everything from easy, gentle days on the water to challenging adventures of hunting the big guns under water. Whatever type of fishing you prefer and whatever skill […]

The Best Fly Fishing Destinations

If you’re into fly fishing, you probably have your favorite spot to hit for that alone time in the water. However, there are so many amazing places to go in the world for fly fishing. It might be worth your while getting out there and seeing how they compare to your perfect stretch of water […]

The Great Fishing Holiday Escape

Someone – we’re not sure who but we think that it’s someone famous – said: 4. “A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at the office!” Does this describe you? If it does, they why not make your fishing trip? So if you’re a deep-sea fisherman or prefer the shallower […]

Top Tips For Maintaining Boat Safety

There are few better ways of spending a quiet day than out on the open water with friends and family. The serenity of the ocean combined with the huge freedom of movement means that it’s possible to travel out into the true middle of nowhere and have a few good hours of relaxation. But not […]

3 Advantages Of Kayak Fishing

In some parts of the world, fishing from a kayak has been the norm for many, many generations. Today, there’s a growing trend in fishing in the Western world to head out on a kayak with your gear. It’s an affordable option over purchasing your own boat and it offers you a few things that […]

Tops Fishing Spots In The USA

If you’re looking for somewhere new to cast your line, here are some amazing places in the USA that are perfect for fishing. They have an array of fish to catch and are popular because you pretty much always come away with a catch that you can cook for dinner that night. Start planning your […]