Most Beautiful Charter Boats Ever Built

OKTO If its true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then let the single exception be the absolute nature of the beauty of some of the most incredible and exclusive charter boats ever built. And since sailing has after all on occasion been defined as the art of moving slowly in the […]

Top Tips For First-Time Charter Fishing

For many anglers, chartering a boat and going on a deep-sea fishing trip can be one of the most exciting events in their time spent catching fish. The experience is incredibly different to fishing on a riverbank or from the rocks at beach, and the following top tips can help you make the most of […]

Benefits Of Making Your Own Lures

Whether you’re a professional that makes a living from fishing or you’re just the weekend enthusiast, there are many good reasons to make your own lures. The lure is one of the most important parts of the job, and your selection in tackle shops can be extremely wide and varied. They can also cost a […]

Top Tips for Fly Fishing Beginners

Fly fishing is a wonderful sport and if you’re looking to get started, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Follow our top tips for fly fishing beginners and with a bit of patience and practise, you’re sure to reap the rewards. Venue When it comes to choosing a venue, you should ideally find a […]

Top 5 Tips For Fishing in Cold Weather

Fishing is traditionally done on a warm, sunny day when the fish are at their most active. But depending on where you’re situated, the winter can set in for a number of months at a time, and it may seem impossible to head out to the nearest lake and try and catch something. Fishing in […]