How To Become A Yachtie

Are you thinking of becoming a yachtie? The career path is one that has become very popular amongst young professionals in recent years, thanks in part to the freedom it gives people to travel, as well as reality TV shows like Below Deck. If it’s something you’re interested in exploring, take a look at our quick guide below. Trying to kickstart the process of becoming a yachtie can be intimidating at first, but with a proper understand of the requirements, certifications, and a good grasp of what will be expected of you, finding a yachting job might not be that daunting after all.

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What You Need to Know About Boating Etiquette – Before you started driving on public roads, there were certain rules you needed to learn beforehand. Some of these rules were more of a common courtesy than an official rule, but nonetheless feature every time you hit the streets. The same can be said for boating. There are certain rules that you need to be aware of and follow to ensure that your time on the water is as pleasant as possible.

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A Simple Guide To Successfully Selling A Boat

Buying a boat is usually a long-term investment, sometimes last the span of a lifetime. They can bring countless hours of joy and adventure, and there aren’t many boat owners that regret investing in their beloved vessel. But much like car ownership, there may come a point where an owner might feel the need to sell their boat. This could be because they can no longer maintain it, or they simply want to upgrade or downgrade to something that better suits them.

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Common Boat Engine Issues

Most boat owners will agree on one thing: owning a boat takes a lot of hard work. There are countless things that can go wrong at any time, and it can be especially problematic when the sailor is out in the middle of the ocean.

Boats can be both robust and reliable, but not everything can work all of the time, and it isn’t uncommon for the vessel to stop suddenly when it was seemingly working just a few minutes beforehand.

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Mistakes All New Boat Owners Make

Buying a boat can be an exciting time. It can take years’ worth of saving every cent possible before the perfect vessel presents itself. And most new owners can only dream of the amazing adventures that they plan on going on once their brand-new boat is in their possession.

The excitement can quickly come to an end, however, when said owner begins to encounter certain problems that they would have otherwise never thought of.

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How To Prepare a Boat For a Storm

There are few things quite as scary than facing down a raging storm while in the middle of an ocean, and it’s something that even the most experienced sailors worry about during their time on the water.

Modern boats are extremely robust and are usually able to withstand even the worst that nature can throw at them, but they’re not Impervious to all damage, especially if the right precautions aren’t taken.

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The Latest Craze In Buying A Boat – Co-ownership

The luxury of owning a fishing boat or cruising vessel to call your own comes at price. It’s not only about buying the boat. That initial investment is then topped by various fees such as hiring skippers, stewardesses and other crew, moorings and maintenance. This ocean-going lifestyle comes at a price, and its one that few people think they can afford.

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