Interesting Facts About Fish & Seafood

A superb seafood experience needn’t be limited to fish and chips. Fish is so much more than a quick and satisfying pub-grub meal – delicious and comforting though a hearty helping of Britain’s national culinary treasure may be. Aside from fish being an excellent source of protein as well as the most effective anti-inflammatory buster known to man, seafood in general is about so much more than practical nourishment.

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How To Prepare Catfish

Catfish, also known as Barbel in many countries, is one of the most common fish species in the world, and can be found in just about all forms of freshwater, from dams, lakes, to streams and rivers. Its abundance has made catfish a staple for many cultures, and those that know how to prepare it properly are able to make delicious dishes using this easy to catch fish. For anyone that’s interested in learning how to prepare a newly caught catfish for cooking, these are the steps to follow.

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Kitchen Secrets for Flavourful Fish

There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh fish, especially if it has been prepared with the perfect seasonings, and is served with the best side dishes. Many anglers are no stranger to grilling a catch with a knob of butter, some garlic and parsley, and perhaps a bit of lemon – it’s a classic combination, but there is so much more that can be done with the simplest of ingredients.

Make sure your kitchen is stocked with the following herbs, each of which add their own special magic to fish and seafood. Also listed are a few ingredients that you can turn into side dishes that compliment your fish perfectly. They are quick and easy to prepare, so you can get on with other things you love, such as playing online Blackjack.

Heavenly Herbs For Fish

When cooking with bay leaves, remember that less is more. The leaves of the bay laurel tree are strongly flavoured, but used with moderation, are perfect for adding a certain special something to delicate fish such as tilapia.

Famously used as a garnish for smoked salmon, dill has so much more to offer. Its delicate anise flavour works well with most types of fish and seafood, so do not be afraid to experiment.

Lemon balm, or Melissa, has been revered since the days of ancient Greece. Add it to any recipe that calls for lemon, and it is sure to lift the spirits of anyone who tastes it.

Add some Mediterranean magic to your fish dish with marjoram, oregano’s sweet and gentle cousin. It is a classic ingredient in Greek and Turkish cooking, and pairs well with tomato, as well as with other herbs common to the region, such as thyme.

Tarragon’s culinary uses were known in Gaul long before Rome invaded, and it still is a favourite herb in French cooking. Its light, bright anise flavour will perk up any fish or seafood, when used with moderation.

Pairing the Perfect Sides

Like a good supporting cast, the perfect side dish will highlight your fish main, rather than compete for the spotlight. Follow these basic principles when deciding what to serve.

Depending on where you are standing, fish and chips is either a British institution or a cliché. However, those Brits were on to something, because potatoes, whether baked, boiled, fried, or roasted, really do compliment white fish such as cod.

If you are serving fish that is strongly seasoned or naturally sweet, such as salmon, consider making a salad as the side dish. The bitterness of greens such as kale and rocket will cut through the fattiness, and provide a perfect counterpoint.

Baked or grilled flaky fish such as flounder are best served with a side of vegetables that have been grilled, roasted, or steamed to enhance their earthy sweetness. Think about using a mix of root vegetables, summer squash, and peppers.

These basic guidelines are a great foundation for turning your catch of the day into a seductively flavourful dish. Do not be afraid to get creative in the kitchen!