Your 5 Top Tips for Sustainable Fishing

It’s no secret that recreational fishermen love catching fish, but a smart angler is also concerned with protecting them and their species in the long term. It might seem paradoxical, but it actually makes a lot of since; fishermen witness first hand the damage that happens to marine and river ecosystems when their fishing practices […]

7 Biggest Fish Caught With Rod and Reel

The ones that got away usually get bigger with every retelling of the story, but what about the fish that weren’t so lucky? The biggest of them made it into the record books, where we can find – and marvel at – their mammoth sizes. Take a look at some of the biggest catches since […]

Get Knotted: An Early History of Fly Tying

Arguably the most graceful form of angling there is, fly fishing is perhaps much older than most people realise. To the popular mind, fixing various materials to a hook with thread or resin could not be more than a few centuries old, but in reality, fly tying is much older; in fact, it is ancient. […]

Kitchen Secrets for Flavourful Fish

There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh fish, especially if it has been prepared with the perfect seasonings, and is served with the best side dishes. Many anglers are no stranger to grilling a catch with a knob of butter, some garlic and parsley, and perhaps a bit of lemon – it’s a […]