If you want to be a better boater and to ensure your boat is always in tip top condition, these tips will give you the edge, every time.

Wipe off dew

Morning dew is actually distilled water. If you wipe off your boat using it, your boat will be spotless and it will cost you nothing.

Remove old wax

If you want a spotless shine you need to get rid of old wax before you add new. Use a dewaxing solvent to rid your boat of last seasons wax and you’ll get a great shine with added protection.

Natural mould remover

If the idea of using bleach is off putting, use vinegar to remove mould. Vinegar does the job naturally and leaves a lovely shine.

Remove gelcoat residue safely

If you need to remove paint and adhesive reside without damaging gelcoat, oven cleaner works extremely well and leaves no damage or trace.

Create a crisp waterline

Use masking tape that you have burnished by rubbing the edges with a paintbrush handle or dowel stick.

Carry a spare belt

We’ve all heard about how pantyhose or duct tape can serve as a belt in an emergency, but rather always ensure you carry a spare belt just in case! Belts are not about to break the bank and you won’t have to spend all your online slots Australia winnings just to be prepared.

Protect outboard prop shafts in transport

Cut a section of PVC tubing and wrap it around the prop shaft while transporting your boat. This cushions the prop and the splines while you are in transit.

Clamp hoses properly

Worm gear hose clamps may be cheaper, but they can also cause the hoses to wear and distort, leading to leaks and potential bursts. Rather opt for the T-clamps as they do not allow for distortion.

Eliminate free play in hydraulic steering

If this is an issue, add fluid to the helm pump to see if it alleviates the problem. Only add small amounts at a time till you get the desired reaction.

Check tension

Cracking and glazing on engine belts is a major cause of failure. Check your belts regularly and ensure the proper tension is always in play.

Check exhaust systems regularly

Always keep your exhaust systems well maintained. No only can they cause carbon monoxide poisoning, a faulty exhaust can sink a boat. Ensure fasteners, plumbing and supports are all in good condition and replace any parts that sow signs of wear and tear.

Long haul soaping

If you’re transporting your boat long distance always rub it down with liquid dishwashing soap before you set off. When you get to your destination hose it off, and all bugs, dirt and grime will be washed away too.

Beware of fishing line

If fishing line gets wrapped around any part of your boat or motor, always check the parts carefully for signs of damage. If line is wrapped around a sterndrive or outboard prop shaft you should always have the unit pressure tested, as the oil seals may have been damaged.

Soap the rails

If you have a carpeted trailer bunk or a bunk that sticks when offloading your boat, apply liquid dishwashing soap. It won’t damage your boat or the rails.