Modern boats require an engine of some kind for propulsion. Much like a car, the engine requires maintenance in order to perform at its optimum.

Unlike a car, however, maintenance on a boat engine can be much more complicated due to the position of the engine, as well as the constant risk of seawater getting in and causing issues.

The engine is often the most common area of fault when it comes to boating, and those with a new boat will want to take the time to ensure that the motor on their vessel is working as intended. Make use of these simple tips for better engine maintenance.

1. Spark Plug Changes

Spark plugs are needed to spark ignition in the engine, and similarly to a car, without working spark plugs, the boat simply won’t start up. That isn’t as much of an issue when docked, but when out on the open water, having an engine that won’t start due to faulty spark plugs can be a recipe for disaster.

This is why it’s worth taking the time to check the spark plugs every so often to ensure that they are in working order, and to change them regularly to avoid the chance of failure. It’s also a good idea to keep some spare spark plugs on the boat at all times.

2. Check The Fuel

Water is unavoidable while using a vessel on the ocean, and due to the nature of seawater, parts and lines can break down quite quickly. Getting water into the fuel line can cause long-term damage to the engine, so it’s advised to take the time to check that the fuel is clear of any water.

If water is detected, it may be necessary to flush the lines and the engine itself, and then inspect the lines to see whether any cracks have formed.

3. Oil Levels

Oil is necessary to keep the engine well-lubricated while in use, and a motor that runs out of oil can be permanently damaged. Oil levels should be checked on a weekly basis when the vessel is being used, and it’s vital to make sure that there is always enough oil available for the engine.

The efficiency of an engine can be improved by making use of better quality oil, allowing for extra time to enjoy online bingo Sweden games instead. It’s also recommended to have extra oil on board the vessel just in case levels are low while away from dock.

4. Engine Mount Screws

Due to the constant movement of the boat while it’s one the water, it’s quite common for mount screws to slowly unscrew themselves, meaning that the engine is no longer mounted properly, which itself could lead to a series of other issues.

This is why it’s worth taking the time to check all of the mount screws for the engine, checking that they are all properly tightened, and removing the chance of the engine mount coming lose at any point.