While it probably makes sense to avoid going fishing when the weather is horrendous, most people might not realise that even on bright and sunny days, fishing might not be successful.

That’s because fish, much like us, are susceptible to a wide range of weather conditions that can affect where they’re hiding, how hungry they are, and how easy it’ll be to catch them that day.

Use this simple guide to understand how different kinds of weather conditions can affect the overall success of a day on the water.


It’s commonly believed that it’s best to go fishing when there is plenty of cloud cover, and there is a fair amount of truth to this belief. When there’s a lot of sun out and light hitting the water, it makes it much easier for fish to find their favourite prey, which means that they will most likely either be hunting further down, and hiding from potential predators themselves.

Sunny days almost always means that a fish will be near to a structure, so going out on a bright day is not always ideal.


Rain has a profound affect on the success of fishing. Light rain is considered among the best weather conditions when it comes to fishing, as the raindrops tend to obscure the kind of view the fish has out of the water, meaning that they have a much harder time seeing a fisherman standing near to the shore.

Light rain can also cause smaller fish to come to the surface, which has the potential of bringing up larger fish. It should be noted, however, that even though light rain is perfect for fishing, the same can’t be said for heavy or torrential rain, which will make it all but impossible to catch anything.

Strong Wind

Another weather condition that can make a noticeable different to catch rate is wind. Stronger winds are able to push along the surface of the water and force any food further away from the shore, which means the any bait fish will most likely be moving away from the shore and toward deeper water, and they will be closely followed by larger game fish.

This can be a serious problem for those that prefer to fish from the shore, as it means they will need to cast much further out into the water. For more success from the shore, it can help to always cast into the wind, and to allow the lure to follow the natural flow of the water that’s been created by the wind.

Cold Fronts

When a cold front is coming through, the best time to go out is just before it hits the area. Fish are able to sense a drop in temperature and pressure and will most likely begin feeding as much as possible before the front has arrived.

Once a storm is in progress, most fish will go into hiding, so it’s better to stay at home and enjoy the online betting Italy offers, as it’s next to impossible to catch anything of any decent weight.