Having a good quality fishing rod can make all the difference when trying to land a catch successfully. There are endless tales of cheaper fishing rods splintering or even outright snapping when the fisherman is fighting with a particular feisty fish, and it not only leaves them without their prize, but also without their fishing rod.

Investing in a more expensive fishing rod can mean a stronger, more reliable tool that offers a significantly higher chance of successfully catching whichever fish the caster is trying to land. Price is relative, however, and for those with the money that want to get a hold of the very best fishing rods that the market has to offer, these are the most expensive in the world right now.

Orvis Helios 2

At around $800, the Orvis Helios 2 isn’t the most expensive rod on this list by a long shot, but it definitely isn’t the cheapest that most fishermen will find when looking around. The cost comes with quality, however, with the added bonus that it comes in two flavours: one for regular fishing, and one for fly fishing. It’s a brand that’s made a name for itself among fishing enthusiasts and marks a great middle ground between expense and quality.

Having the choice of more than one gives the fisherman the ability to choose a single to focus on for their particular style of fishing, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for a Helios 2 that’s on special wherever possible.

Daiwa Rod

The Daiwa Rod is a $500+ piece of gear that can become more expensive as more additional parts are added to it. And while the customisation does come with a higher asking price, it allows the fisherman to build a unique rod that’s specifically useful for the kind of casting they wish to engage in, even if it means spending their online bingo UK money.

They can be customised for a wide range of different kinds of fishing, but they’re perhaps best known for their use as saltwater rods, meaning they’re great for the caster that likes to spend their time off of the coast.

Combo Bent Butt Rod

Moving on to the more extravagant items on the list, the Combo Bent Butt Rod comes at an asking price of almost $1800 in total, but for the price, the buyer can expect some of the very best materials on the market right now.

They’re tough but flexible, and they provide the perfect balance between strength and control. It’s one of the very best rods available to buy, so it’s worth considering for the fisherman who has the money to spare on a rod that they will have with them for the rest of their life.

Oyster Bamboo Rod

Jumping far ahead to the most expensive commercial rod in the world right now, the Oyster Bamboo rod can be acquired for $4600, a huge asking price when compared to the others on this list. For the money, though, there are virtually no other rods that are better.

Made from the highest quality bamboo available, along with a variety of customisation options, this is the ultimate choice for those that want every available advantage while on the water.