Saltwater fishing is a term that’s thrown around a lot, but it can actually be broken down into a range of smaller, specialised branches which are dependent on what exactly the fisherman is planning to catch on any given day.  It can differ in terms of where the fishing will happen, such as at the end of the pier, or out on a boat over much deeper waters – but also by the kinds of fish that are being sought out.

And while specialised fishing gear is very much necessary based on the kind of fish being caught, there are a few items that all saltwater fishermen will want to take with them the next time they head out to the coast.

Saltwater Reels and Rods

The type of reel and rod that’s chosen for saltwater fishing is generally quite different from freshwater, and will usually be far more robust, longer, and in a greater range, although this can heavily depend on the type of fish the fisherman is after. Longer rods tend to cast much farther than shorter ones, but the shorter ones are superior when it comes to the final fight against the caught fish. The term, “power” found on a rod refers directly to the amount of weight that that specific rod is capable of holding before breaking. When picking a rod, it’s good practice to match the lure weight to the size of the lure or bait that will be used.

The Best Tools To Take

Irrespective on the type of saltwater fishing being done, these following tools are absolutely necessary for all fishermen that want a successful day of catching.

  1. Nets and gaffs are needed to land the fish once it’s been caught, and these can also make it significantly easier for a more catch and release kind of fishing.
  2. Saltwater knives are a must – most normal knives simply can’t hold up against the rust-inducing saltwater that will have to be dealt with day in and day out. This kind of knife can be used for cutting through the line, gutting and scaling the fish once caught, and countless other uses, so a decent quality knife is important.
  3. Scissors and pliers, necessary for tightening knots, cutting line, and slicing off hooks. It’s important to get specialised saltwater scissors and pliers as they will tend to last much longer than the normal ones found at hardware stores.
  4. A hook remover is a tool used for removing the hook from the fish, making it a much easier ans safer procedure with lower risk of damaging the fish or the fisherman.

Saltwater Clothing

While special clothing isn’t necessarily required to go fishing in the ocean, it can make the endeavour much easier. Sunscreen is vital to avoid bad sunburn, along with a good pair of polarised sunglasses, and a waterproof phone or tablet for playing bingo games or playing music. Foul-weather gear, such as boots and a rain jacket, can be a boon when the weather decides to suddenly turn bad, as it often tends to do on the coast.