For many anglers, chartering a boat and going on a deep-sea fishing trip can be one of the most exciting events in their time spent catching fish. The experience is incredibly different to fishing on a riverbank or from the rocks at beach, and the following top tips can help you make the most of it.

You can improve your experience with proper preparation before the trip, and by knowing what to expect while you are on the boat. Our tips can help you do that.

Preliminary Preparation

Rather than booking the first boat charter service you find, do some research. Ask your fishing buddies for recommendations and look for reviews online.

When you have settled on a service, be sure to communicate with the guide or captain. Explain what you hope to get out of your trip, and that goes beyond the species of fish you hope to catch. They may also teach you new techniques.

Enquire about whether you need to pay extra for fuel and ask them if the offer additional services during the trip. Other important preparation tips include asking about the terms and conditions, and about the boat’s departure point.

Preparing For The Trip

There are several items you should take with for your safety and comfort while fishing. They include several layers of clothing, as it can get cold out at sea and because the weather could change, as well as rubber-soled shoes or boots with a good grip.

Other items you should take include motion sickness medication, polarized sunglasses, sunblock, and a small kit with a few first aid essentials. Take a container for fish you catch, and a backpack with food and drink (if allowed). It’s more preparation than you will need for playing top online bingo NZ games, but it is worth it. Live bait is recommended for deep-sea fishing, which means you either will need to catch it yourself, or you will need to buy it beforehand. Ask the captain for his advice a few days ahead of the trip. Make sure you get to bed early on the night before your charter boat fishing trip.

The Fishing Trip

When you board the boat, take the time to meet the crew, and remember to maintain a respectful attitude. Pay attention to what they tell you about the equipment on the boat and the various safety procedures in case of an emergency.

Ask the deckhand or captain for their advice when you reach the first fishing spot, and do not be discouraged if your first few casts do not result in any catches. The captain or deckhand can offer advice regarding bait, lures, and techniques.

After The Trip

There are a few things to remember after your charter boat fishing trip. Check that you have collected all your belongings and remember that the crew may take photos of you with your catch.

The crew may also help you to clean and fillet your catch, so be sure to confirm this before you return to the dock. Last but not least, remember to tip the crew.