There’s nothing quite as satisfying as firing up the grill after a hot day in summer and enjoying the evening with the mouth-watering smell of grilling fish as everyone prepares for a delicious dinner.

Not all fish are suited for grilling; some are better for frying; others are best when baked.

But for grilling enthusiasts, there are only a handful of fish that really stand out when they’re cooked on a hot grill.

These are the best fish worth catching or buying that just work better when cooked over an open flame.


Tuna offers the same thickness and texture that can only usually be found when cooking a beef steak. It boasts a strong and unique flavour while also being thick and succulent.

Tuna can be grilled in very much the same way as a steak: seared to perfection over extremely high heat, while preserving the juices inside the meat for that incredible medium rare texture that most people love so much.

Mahi Mahi

More commonly known as either dolphinfish or dorado, Mahi Mahi is a white fish that is usually caught off of the coast of Hawaii. The fish has a firm meat that makes it more than suitable for grilling, and it’s strong and rich flavour means it’s perfect for most kinds of seafood platters.

It’s a great serving to pair alongside other cuts of meat, so integrating Mahi Mahi into a surf ‘n’ turf style meal is perfect for that summer evening dinner.


Swordfish are among one of the more sought after catches by experienced offshore fishermen due to their ferocity, size, and beauty. But once caught, many fishermen will take them home to prepare them for a meal, and there are a few reasons as to why.

Swordfish is one of the fattier fish that can be found in the ocean, and the extra layer of fat provides a good setting for creating that perfect sear. On top of this, swordfish has a mild enough flavour that it works well with most other ingredients, and being as meaty as it is, it’s worth incorporating it into grilling sessions.

It’s usually possible to also find swordfish being sold at the local supermarket, where it will be offered in cuts, much like normal steak.


Snappers are one of the most abundant kinds of fish, where they can usually be found swimming in the tropical regions of the world. They’re known for their bright colours and large size, and being a fatty fish much like swordfish, they make a great choice for throwing on a grill while checking out the latest NZ betting sites.

In terms of cooking, snapper doesn’t need that long to be thoroughly cooked through, and it can be cut up into either strips or steaks, depending on how it’s being served. Thanks to how common this kind of fish is at the local supermarket, it’s often a much cheaper option compared to swordfish or even tuna.