Contrary to popular belief, fishing is about more than simply throwing a line with a hook and worm into the water and hoping for the best.

While worms are generally quite effective, there are other bait options available, some of which can be made using household items.

So, before you dig up your garden in search of worms, why not give these bait ideas a try?

8 creative bait ideas

1. Soap

This may seem strange, but traditionally soap chunks were used to lure and catch catfish. The soap needs to be pure with no added chemicals or fragrances.

2. Tinned foods

Canned meats have been found to be really effective when it comes to catching catfish. SO much so that the biggest catfish ever caught – a 116-pound, 12-ounce monster – was caught using this delicious food source.

3. Dog food

While the debate of wet versus dry rages on, the one thing that all fishermen can agree on is that fish are fans of dog food. This bait can be mixed with water, flour or corn starch to create a paste. You can catch panfish, catfish and carp with this.

4. Chicken liver

This bait is effective due to its distinct aroma, and due to the cost-effective nature of it, is often found in a tackle box. Bass and catfish will go crazy for the stuff.

5. Fruits

Raisins, mulberries and persimmons are also a fishy favourite due to the scent and colour. The smell and colour are alluring to catfish, even at night if you are looking to give night fishing a shot.

6. Bubble gum

Chewing gum is another easy fix that is often on hand while out and about. Trout and catfish are attracted to the sweet flavour of the gum.

So, if you are running low on baits, why not give a stick of gum a chew and then pop it on your hook? It is worth a shot.

7. Sweet treats

This follows the same logic and reasoning as the bubble gum option above. Gummy fish and worms have proven to be quite successful, although any sugary treat should get the job done.

Trout have also been found to have a fondness for mini marshmallows while carp have developed a liking for doughnuts.

8. Bacon

Let us face it, everyone likes the smoky taste of bacon – including fish! This is largely due to the aroma of the bacon, although cooked versus uncooked remains a debate amongst fishermen.

If our list above is anything to go by, and we believe each of the baits to be effective in a pinch, then finding a quick bait is as simple as looking into your cooler or picnic basket. IF you find it to be a delicious, sweet-smelling treat then the odds are, the fish will too.