When you think about seeing wildlife in Africa, you generally think about game drives and seeing the Big Five. The continent also offers some exceptional fishing opportunities, with everything from easy, gentle days on the water to challenging adventures of hunting the big guns under water. Whatever type of fishing you prefer and whatever skill level you’re at, there is something for you.

The Zambezi River

The fourth longest river on the continent is home to the Tiger Fish, AKA the striped water dog. It’s a big predator that is well known for being aggressive and loves to feed on bait fish. This prize of the river is up for grabs in both the lower and upper sections of the Zambezi. Where you choose to go will depend on the time of year and what else you would like to experience.

The Upper Zambezi includes the Barotse Floodplain that has a thriving ecosystem that is constantly moving. Between June and August is the ideal time for hitting these waters. In the Lower Zambezi, is a bit more temperamental as it is prone to flooding in the rainy season, which makes the area muddy and harder to fish. The winter months are the best to head to the region, from June through to September. After that, the rain can come in hard and stay for days on end.

The Okavango Delta

This is possibly the top fishing destination on the entire continent. It’s home to the famed Tiger Fish and some other great prey, including catfish, bream, tilapia, bass and the African pike. They make their home in the Panhandle region of the delta, just at the point where the river spreads out into the many channels that mingle and wind around each other into the delta.

Many tour operators offer catch-and-release opportunities for those looking to test their wits against the fish making their homes here. The fishing is generally quite relaxed in these waters, with long sunny days one the delta giving way into spectacular evenings as the stars come out and shine bright.

The Lakes Of Morocco

This desert country may not be somewhere that is synonymous with fishing, but it has an array of lakes throughout the lands that offer up some really special opportunities. This is not only because of the fish you can catch but also because of the incredible beauty you’ll find yourself in. The lakes in the lower lands tend to be home to the likes of carp, pikes, roach, black bass and eels. In the mountainous regions, you’ll find barbell, trout, black bass and perch.

The country is also lucky enough to enjoy two coastlines with the Mediterranean on the one and the Atlantic on the other. There are a number of salt water angling opportunities from the beaches and from boats just off the coast. If you’re heading to the area, you can try out all of the different options and experience the very best that Morocco has to offer.