In some parts of the world, fishing from a kayak has been the norm for many, many generations. Today, there’s a growing trend in fishing in the Western world to head out on a kayak with your gear. It’s an affordable option over purchasing your own boat and it offers you a few things that a boat can’t.

1. Go Where The Fish Are

First and foremost, a kayak is a far stealthier method of moving through the water than by foot or by boat. The vessel is super quiet and allows you to glide along the water’s surface without disturbing it much at all. This allows you to get right up to your prey without spooking them. In fact, many people like to hunt their fish from a kayak rather than wait for the fish to come to them.

A kayak also gives you more freedom to get to more remote areas or into shallower waters that a larger boat just can’t reach. You can head through narrow stretches of rivers or through the reeds or kelp that would entangle a motor’s blades. You can really enjoy the peace and quiet that should come with a day of fishing.

2. It’s Cheaper And More Convenient

A kayak is much smaller than a boat and generally costs a lot less than one too. There’s no need to use the money you win from big fun bets to buy one! You also won’t need to buy a trailer to transport your vessel or worry about any extra costs that come with purchasing and maintaining a motorized boat. A kayak is just the paddle and a life jacket, and you.

You also get hard shell kayaks and inflatable kayaks. For the ultimate in convenience, an inflatable one is the way to go. They deflate and fold up into a small space, making storing and transporting it a breeze. Yes, you will have to get a pump to inflate the kayak once you reach your fishing spot. On the other hand, a hard shell kayak can be strapped to the roof of a car for transporting and most of the time, they are light enough for one person to lift up onto a car and down again when they reach their destination. For storage, most people usually find a way to suspend their vessel from their garage roof.

3. The Eco-Friendly Option

With no motor, there’s no need for gasoline – making your kayak fishing trip completely environmentally friendly. You also can’t get up to the kinds of speeds that are damaging to shorelines and aquatic plants when you are paddling your kayak. This means that you are doing no damage to the area where you’re fishing by simply being there.

On top of all that, you are also getting some exercise and enjoying your surroundings in a very natural way. Choosing this method of fishing is good for the environment and it’s good for you. Many people find that a day out on a kayak and fishing leaves them feeling relaxed, peaceful and completely at one with nature.