If you’re looking for somewhere new to cast your line, here are some amazing places in the USA that are perfect for fishing. They have an array of fish to catch and are popular because you pretty much always come away with a catch that you can cook for dinner that night. Start planning your next fishing getaway to one of these top spots in the USA:

  1. The Backwaters Of The Florida Keys

There’s some pretty great fishing all over Florida, really. However, the backwaters that make up the section between the Keys and the mainland of Florida is where you’ll find some real action. Here, you can expect to catch an array of fish, including snook, bonefish, redfish, tarpon and permit. It’s a great spot for anglers of all levels of expertise.

  1. McCloud River In Northern California

This beautiful stretch of water runs through the valley between the Cascade Mountains and Mount Shasta. It can get quite crowded in the upper regions of the river during fishing season because these are the easier spots to get to. If you want to move away from the crowds, take some time to pick your way down river and you’ll get a great spot that’s peaceful and quiet. This river is a haven for those who want to catch trout and you’re unlikely to head home empty handed. Fishing season on the McCloud is from April through to November.

  1. Off The Shores Of Kona

Hawaii is well known for being a sportfishing Mecca. Off the shores of Kona – the western side of the biggest island – you’ll find an ideal spot for deep-sea fishing. The waters are calm, almost as if you are fishing on a lake. Charter a boat and head a little out to sea, and you’ll be able to test your wits against large fish such as mahi mahi, tuna and ono. Sharks and other big game fish are also caught regularly in this region.

  1. Cape Cod

The name of the region is a bit of a giveaway and it’s no surprise that there is some great entertainment options and superb fishing happening in this coastal corner of Massachusetts. The area is also incredibly picturesque, meaning you can happily take the whole family out there for a holiday. You can head off onto the water to experience some of the best saltwater fishing there is in the USA, while the others enjoy the town and the surrounding areas.

  1. Big Horn River In Montana

Here’s one for the fly fishers out there. It’s a fairly restricted river, but well worth it to get a permit and head out during season. You can catch both brown and rainbow trout in these wide, gentle waters. There are a number of sections that are open to the public, but those do tend to get quite crowded. One way to avoid this is to book into a resort that has private access to the river on their own grounds.