Gone are the days of wooden boats and 40 horse power engines and in their place are powerful sailing and motor yachts with sophisticated shapes and styles that are more akin to luxury hotels than stuffy ships. This luxury vessels come at a price, and owning your own boat, is the true measure of success.

However, when you are making an investment of this magnitude you want to ensure that you’re putting your money in the right place and with the right people. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose the best boat broker:

The Test Of Time

When choosing a boat broker, look for one that has been around for a good few years at least. You want to choose someone that has understood the changes in the boating industry over the years, weathered the storms and sailed alongside the best out of them.

A boat broker that has years of experience dealing with the world’s top manufacturers, will be able to understand your needs and direct you to the best of the best cruising, fishing and sailing boat on the market.

Be Specific

Be specific about the time of boat you are after and look for a boat broker that specialises in that. Just as you wouldn’t buy a truck from a sport’s car dealer, the same goes for boats.

If you’re after a fishing sports boat, look for an angling focussed dealer, whereas if it’s your dream to own the latest sailing machine, then search for a broker that has a good knowledge of the intricacies of sails and these specific vessels. Similarly, a commercial shipping broker will be able to help source patrol vessels, fishing trawlers, ferries, exploration vessels and work boats.

This way when you buy a vessel you are assured that you are getting a great quality craft and the best investment for your money.

The Whole Package

When it comes to boat ownership, purchasing your vessel is just one step in the plan. That’s why it’s important to look for a boat broker that offers good after sales service. A good sales person will hail from some sort of marine background and brandish their own skipper’s tickets, ensuring they are on hand to help you when needed.

Many top boat brokers offer their owners skipper training, teach their clients how to use and maintain their craft, and can assist with cleaning and maintenance packages. You might also look for a boat broker that also includes the services of a qualified marine technician, will help you to find the perfect mooring in the best location, or even hook you up with the latest gyro-stabilising technology and air berths for your boat, ensuring that purchasing and owning a yacht is a hassle-free experience.

With the right boat broker, you will not only be able to buy the boat of your dreams – just like you’ find the wins of your dreams when gaming in Nigeria –  but also find the wind in your sails, feel the sunshine on your skin and discover a sea breeze to wash away all your worries!