Fishing at the local dam is a good way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, but sometimes there’s nothing better than heading out into the open waters of the ocean to spend a day attempting to catch something truly special. The secret to having a great day on the water is having the right fishing boat.

A good, reliable fishing boat provides the perfect environment for just about every type of shore fishing in existence. The problem that many potential buyers run into at first is choosing the right one to suit their needs. There is a wide variety of fishing boats to choose from, and each is designed to accommodate the needs to the fisherman and what he’s after.

All Purpose Boats

These are extremely versatile vessels that are made from either fibreglass or aluminium, and because of their flexibility, they can be used in a number of different scenarios. These are boats that aren’t specialised, and make for lighter fishing journeys, usually around shallow coast lines. Regardless, this is a perfect choice for those fishermen that aren’t too picky about what they want, and simply need a general-purpose boat that will take them out into the water safely and back.

Aluminium Boats

Aluminium is a tough and useful material that makes a great choice for new boats as it’s relatively inexpensive in terms of how much material is available when compared to wood. Aluminium is extraordinarily versatile and can be taken out into most types of water. These are the boats of choice for those that need a smaller boat, but also one that won’t cost too much.

Flat Boats

Also commonly known as Flat Boats, these are specialised vessels that are aimed at fishermen that want the ability to explore saltwater flats and bays. Flat boats come in a variety of hybrid models that are not quite as specialised as traditional flat boats, which means that they can used for more general-purpose fishing if need be. Flat boats are very popular in certain parts of the world, especially where fishing is part of the daily routine.

Power Cruisers

For many, the idea of a power cruiser and fishing together might not seem too appealing, and there is some truth that having a loud and powerful boat is most likely to chase many fish away. Despite this, they still make good choices for those that want to get to an area quickly and are willing to wait for the fish to start returning. Power cruisers are definitely not for everyone, but for anyone that wants something a bit zippier and who are hoping for some big wins from bets around the corner, a cruiser tends to be the best choice.


Walkarounds are vessels that have a platform around the cabin on which the fisherman is able to walk completely around, as well as sit. These are specifically designed for anglers that like to sit all day and need plenty of room to send out their line. They are also a good choice for anyone that has children, as it gives them the chance to move around much more freely.