Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Fishing Boat

Fishing at the local dam is a good way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, but sometimes there’s nothing better than heading out into the open waters of the ocean to spend a day attempting to catch something truly special. The secret to having a great day on the water is having the right fishing boat.

A good, reliable fishing boat provides the perfect environment for just about every type of shore fishing in existence. The problem that many potential buyers run into at first is choosing the right one to suit their needs. There is a wide variety of fishing boats to choose from, and each is designed to accommodate the needs to the fisherman and what he’s after.

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Interesting Facts About Fish & Seafood

A superb seafood experience needn’t be limited to fish and chips. Fish is so much more than a quick and satisfying pub-grub meal – delicious and comforting though a hearty helping of Britain’s national culinary treasure may be. Aside from fish being an excellent source of protein as well as the most effective anti-inflammatory buster known to man, seafood in general is about so much more than practical nourishment.

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How To Prepare Catfish

Catfish, also known as Barbel in many countries, is one of the most common fish species in the world, and can be found in just about all forms of freshwater, from dams, lakes, to streams and rivers. Its abundance has made catfish a staple for many cultures, and those that know how to prepare it properly are able to make delicious dishes using this easy to catch fish. For anyone that’s interested in learning how to prepare a newly caught catfish for cooking, these are the steps to follow.

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A Fishing Gear Guide For New Fishermen

Fishing is among the world’s most popular pastimes, and it’s difficult to find someone that has never enjoyed the quiet solitude of spending a day out on the dam or lake.

For some, fishing is only done once every now and again, while others try to enjoy it as much as they possibly can, often leading to them taking it on as a long-term hobby. For those that want to try and start building a complete set of fishing gear, this is what’s needed.

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Most Beautiful Charter Boats Ever Built


If its true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then let the single exception be the absolute nature of the beauty of some of the most incredible and exclusive charter boats ever built. And since sailing has after all on occasion been defined as the art of moving slowly in the direction of nowhere but at extraordinary expense, let it be said that exclusivity in boating should be well expected to come at a certain price.

Which description is quite frankly our first honourable mention in a nutshell. OKTO was first released from Italy’s ISA boat-yard in 2014. The 66-meter multi-billion-dollar beast is decked in gray and sleek black with matching interior. One cannot help but notice that the magnificent OKTO resembles those vessels typically only ever seen in a billionaire-villain motion film.

Those eager to experience OKTO’s welcoming look and feel had only part with about half a million dollars a week – a small price to pay for everything from a seven-meter onboard speed boat to a private helicopter landing pad.

OKTO belongs to the Yacht Company and sails the Caribbean Islands.

Enigma XK

Sailing the width of the Arctic as if it were just something more to do on any old day, Enigma XK takes to icy waters like a fish to, well, you know the rest. She’s home to a 21-person crew and her luxurious self stretches across an incredible 71 metres.

She treats 12 guests to a guy, Jacuzzi (on deck, no less!), WiFi and a private helicopter landing pad. But what Enigma XK does best is showing her crew everything that can be seen outside. She even takes her passengers swimming in Antarctic waters warmed by hot volcanic rocks hidden in her belly.

Fancy making Enigma XK’s acquaintance? You’ll need to be willing to part with at least $454,000 for every 7 days spent on board. That’s quite  a lot of winnings from wagering at sports betting sites in NZ!


She sails the magical waters around Papua New Guinea and offers the perfect getaway to those who have grown worn-down from being surrounded by too much carbon fibre, pomp, and circumstance. She’s the Lamima and she’s the world’s largest sailing yacht. At only $169,000 per week, she features a design that draws its inspiration from a combination of Asian influences and Indonesia’s traditional indigenous phinisi wooden boats.

At 65 meters long, Lamima has only just enough modern tech installed in her beautiful being to successfully ensure a safe passage through the remote Raja Ampat Islands off the coast of beautiful Papua New Guinea. She’s all about spirituality too, our lady, and even offers to the eager sea-farer a special spa quarter where luxury treatments and yoga are to be enjoyed all year round.

She loves to take her human-folk on jungle-bashing and local village adventures before sailing off into yet another magnificent Papua New Guinea sunset.


Benefits Of Making Your Own Lures

Whether you’re a professional that makes a living from fishing or you’re just the weekend enthusiast, there are many good reasons to make your own lures. The lure is one of the most important parts of the job, and your selection in tackle shops can be extremely wide and varied. They can also cost a pretty penny because you need to buy new ones on a regular basis.

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