The Perfect Types Of Fish For Grilling

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as firing up the grill after a hot day in summer and enjoying the evening with the mouth-watering smell of grilling fish as everyone prepares for a delicious dinner. Not all fish are suited for grilling; some are better for frying; others are best when baked.

Common Boat Engine Issues

Most boat owners will agree on one thing: owning a boat takes a lot of hard work. There are countless things that can go wrong at any time, and it can be especially problematic when the sailor is out in the middle of the ocean. Boats can be both robust and reliable, but not everything […]

The Most Expensive Fishing Rods

Having a good quality fishing rod can make all the difference when trying to land a catch successfully. There are endless tales of cheaper fishing rods splintering or even outright snapping when the fisherman is fighting with a particular feisty fish, and it not only leaves them without their prize, but also without their fishing […]

Mistakes All New Boat Owners Make

Buying a boat can be an exciting time. It can take years’ worth of saving every cent possible before the perfect vessel presents itself. And most new owners can only dream of the amazing adventures that they plan on going on once their brand-new boat is in their possession. The excitement can quickly come to […]

How To Catch More Fish More Often

Fishing is a pastime that can become extremely frustrating for those that find they head out to the water with the very best of intentions but find that they end the day without ever pulling anything out of the water. There’s a very fine line between failure and success when it comes to fishing, so […]

The Saltwater Fishing Gear

Saltwater fishing is a term that’s thrown around a lot, but it can actually be broken down into a range of smaller, specialised branches which are dependent on what exactly the fisherman is planning to catch on any given day.  It can differ in terms of where the fishing will happen, such as at the […]

How To Prepare a Boat For a Storm

There are few things quite as scary than facing down a raging storm while in the middle of an ocean, and it’s something that even the most experienced sailors worry about during their time on the water. Modern boats are extremely robust and are usually able to withstand even the worst that nature can throw […]