A Guide To The Perfect Weather For Fishing

While it probably makes sense to avoid going fishing when the weather is horrendous, most people might not realise that even on bright and sunny days, fishing might not be successful.

That’s because fish, much like us, are susceptible to a wide range of weather conditions that can affect where they’re hiding, how hungry they are, and how easy it’ll be to catch them that day.

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How To Catch More Fish More Often

Fishing is a pastime that can become extremely frustrating for those that find they head out to the water with the very best of intentions but find that they end the day without ever pulling anything out of the water.

There’s a very fine line between failure and success when it comes to fishing, so it’s understandable why the frustration can become palpable after a while, especially when we compare ourselves to more experienced fisherman.

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A Fisherman’s Guide To Locating Freshwater Fish

It’s a tale as old as time: the fisherman arrives at the dam, prepared for a day of catching his dinner, only to never take home a single fish by the time the day comes to an end. And while sometimes this can be down to luck, the location of the fisherman relative to where the fish are can be a huge component.

While all fish are different, many of the more common freshwater species are more likely to be found in certain areas around a lake or dam.

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Unforgettable Fishing In Africa

When you think about seeing wildlife in Africa, you generally think about game drives and seeing the Big Five. The continent also offers some exceptional fishing opportunities, with everything from easy, gentle days on the water to challenging adventures of hunting the big guns under water. Whatever type of fishing you prefer and whatever skill level you’re at, there is something for you.

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